Apply for a plot at Eden Allotment Gardens

Eden Allotment GardensTo apply for an allotment at Eden Allotment Gardens please complete the form below.

How much will it cost?: Allotment plots come in a variety of sizes to suit all requirements. Rental costs for an allotment are very modest and based on the size of the plot. An average plot works out at less than £1 a week. Concessions are available fsee below for details. The tenancy year starts on 1st April and ends on 31st March each year. The present prices are:

Full size plots (155sqm and over) are £75 per year and Smaller plots are £50 per year in all Council sites including Eden.

CONCESSION: A £10 consession rate can apply to those:

The concession rate is only applicable to ‘smaller plots’ i.e. those under 155sqm.

To receive the concession rate the relevant paperwork must be supplied. A concession cannot be claimed retrospectively.

Please Note: Allotments at Eden Allotment Gardens are only available to Borough residents. Before completing the online application form please read the Tenancy Agreement for Eden Allotment Gardens (PDF Version).